How To Organize And Declutter Your Garage

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How To Organize And Declutter Your Garage

Have you ever wondered or searched “how to declutter your garage in 4 steps?” Read on to learn more about “how to declutter your garage in 4 steps.”

Did you know that only 15% of homes that come with a two-car garage park their cars inside them or have space to park only one vehicle? Have you ever wondered why people lack garage space to park their cars? A garage in every house serves a twofold purpose; one is to store your cars and the other is to store your extra things. Garages are well insulated and protected making them popular for storing extra items, and instead of getting rid of unwanted items, people end up stacking their garage with those items.

If you’re not part of the lucky 15%, then over time your garage can end up cluttered, becoming a dumping center for all your unwanted items, and cleaning it can become a hassle.You may find yourself wondering how you organize a small garage, or even searching for tips to organize a garage, and there are various ways! One way is to hire a professional junk removal service to help haul all your unwanted items away. If you’re in the Encinitas area, for example, you can learn more about our services here at JDog Junk Removal by visiting our website and giving a call. However, we understand not everyone has the budget for such services.

Let’s look at a few ways on how to declutter your garage:
Make Time In Your Busy Schedule To Clear Out Your Garage Area The first step towards decluttering your garage is to set aside time to clean it out. Cleaning a garage is not an easy task, so pick a day that suits you well, as it requires a lot of time and energy. Tackle and identify the areas that require pre-planning for organizing your garage space.

Separate Your Items
Once you begin with your garage decluttering, start by getting rid of unwanted items that you have to sell, keep or donate. This process is efficient, and it is preferable to get rid of worthless items that take up unnecessary space. You can even hold a yard sale to make some money and get rid of your unwanted goods. Donating your unwanted belongings is a good way to give back to the community and it will definitely benefit someone in need. You should always try to recycle, reuse or repurpose your unwanted belongings to help protect the planet.

Time to Deep Clean!
Once you have emptied out and decluttered your garage, it’s time to get scrubbing and cleaning. A garage is a small, dark, and confined space that does not receive enough air or sunlight. You should air out your garage by leaving your garage doors open that will help get rid of the musty smell. Start by cleaning the surfaces, nooks, and crevices because you can come across dust and cobwebs in the smaller spaces. You can even scrub and clean the walls, floors, and shelves of your garage. Always remember to use a combination of industrial and safe cleaning products. While this may seem like a long process, the final results will leave you feeling accomplished, and leave your garage clean!

Let’s Get Organized
Now that your garage has been purged of all items and dirt, it’s time to get organized. Having a game plan on how you want to organize your garage will help speed up the process. Take your time to reorganize and rearrange your garage into a new layout.

Get Rid of Hazardous Waste
Remember to dispose of hazardous waste such as paints, cleaning supplies, and other toxic waste safely.
Mentioned above are some tips and tricks you can use to reorganize your garage. We mentioned earlier in this article hiring a junk removal service, which is still an option for you. Sometimes when you are moving or don’t have enough time to declutter your garage, a junk removal service can be a set of helping hands to get the job done fast. Below, you’ll find more about our company, and why hiring a junk removal service is a good option.

Why Should You Hire Professional Junk Removal Service?
A professional junk removal service not only helps eliminate you having to do the work yourself, but a good removal service can also haul away large items that you may not have the capacity to. Removal services also have the ability to take items to donation, recycle, or have the ability to dispose of certain waste materials that you would have to do extra leg work for. Not only that, but they work in a timely fashion to help you clear out your space as soon as possible.

So, what about us here at JDog? We believe we’re the best option if you are searching for professional services for junk removal in Encinitas for several reasons. We are a locally owned, Veteran operated company and we make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to our removal process. Our team of trained professionals can haul away a wide range of items such as appliances, furniture, household waste, e-waste, and much more. We try to resell, reuse or repurpose your waste to make more eco-friendly choices.

What We Haul Away?
At JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Encinitas, we offer both residential and commercial junk removal services. Here is a list of items that we haul away:

The JDog Junk Removal Pricing
At JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, we always offer FREE estimates and transparent pricing before the start of every job ensuring you receive the best price possible. We offer single item pick-up to a full trailer. Pricing is based on volume, or how much you need for us to haul away.

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